June 15, 2018
Under Charles Leaver’s leadership as their CEO, cybersecurity giant Ziften hopes to become a key player in the next phase of the tech revolution and to keep people’s “things” more secure. Given the security problems businesses experience these days, it’s a difficult time, to be sure. Thankfully, Chuck Leaver has a keen understanding of all aspects of tech security, given his extensive experience in the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, ERP, Web application development, E-Learning, and Gaming, among others, and there is little doubt he’ll expand that.

It seems to have been a natural progression that led Charles Leaver into the cybersecurity business some time ago. That is because he once owned, operated and managed several technologically advanced lottery systems on three continents, and with that much money involved and that many reputations on the line, it was obvious that security was an important consideration, and it set the tone for the rest of Chuck Leaver’s career. He is extremely bullish on the future because Chuck truly believes the opportunities to be vast, especially with the "Internet of Things" taking shape and driving massive growth.